Wednesday, 8 April 2015

TFIOS Lamp | Bookey DIY #1

So a while ago I came up with the idea of a TFIOS lamp! A lot of you on Instagram loved it and because this is not a particularly hard or time consuming project I thought I would teach you how to make one yourself!
There will be a video tutorial on my BookTube channel soon.

What You Need:

- A square canvas any size you like
- Paper/printer
- Blue spray paint (or paint)
- Pillow filling
- Fairy Lights
- Masking take
- Glue gun
- Sharp knife
- Pencil

What to do:

1. Spray paint the entire canvas blue. Make sure you spray outside because the smell is strong! If you want to use blue paint instead that'll work too. I prefer spray paint because it gives a nice even layer of paint. Keep in mind that this needs to dry, so you may want to do this ahead of time.

2. Print and cut out the clouds from the cover and glue it on the middle of your canvas. Get creative! You can use the exact clouds from the cover, the ''Okay? Okay.'' clouds or any other cool fan art you find!
3. Count the number of lights on your fairy light wire. Draw the right number of dots where you want the lights to be. Now we're going to make the holes. Carefully put the tip of the knife on a dot and twist the knife whilst gently pushing down. Now when you turn the canvas around and push in the fairy lights they should pop into place. Remember to be careful with the knife! Once all the fairy lights are in you can secure them with masking tape on the back of the canvas.

4. Now's the best part! Use the glue gun to add little bits of fluff around each light. It looks best when you make all the clouds slightly different shapes and sizes! 

And there you go! You're finished!
Let me know in the comments if you liked this and if you want to see more Bookey DIY's (For example: bottle cap magnets and charms or a beautiful vintage bag made out of an old book!)

If you make a TFIOS lamp make sure you post it on Instagram and tag @thatgirwithbooks! (You might end up on the blog and win cool bookish prizes!)

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