Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Against Her Will Spotlight Part2 | Excerpt

As you may or may not know, That Girl With Books has teamed up with Jo Schaffer, author of Against Her Will, to share will you a series of posts leading up to the release on 30th March! This week: an excerpt! Stay tuned for an author interview next week!

"A heartbreaking and beautiful combination of suffering and empowerment no one should miss out on." --Joey King, Actress (Oz the Great and Powerful, The Conjuring, White House Down)

“A compelling glimpse of life inside the teenage mind, AGAINST HER WILL, was a fascinating train wreck I couldn't look away from and read in one sitting.”--Elana Johnson, Author, the Possession series (Simon Pulse)
The sun came through the window of the dayroom and seemed to light Cassidy's hair on fire. Tony felt his blood stir. She slouched in her chair, resting a cheek on the table, her breakfast untouched. His gaze travelled over the curve of her hips and waist, the bend of her back. Hot.
Tony sat in a chair across from her, picked a piece of bacon off of her tray and took a bite. Her green eyes rolled in his direction as she struggled to focus.
“Hey, girl. You look splifficated.” He smiled on one side.
“The hell did they give me?” she mumbled. It was cute the way her lips hung open just a little.
“Heh. Who knows? Good, though. Sometimes I act crazy just to get some. Closest thing to high you can get in here … unless you’re me and know how to get stuff now and then.”
She looked unimpressed. Lifting her head from the table she frowned, at him. “I hate
feeling like this.”
Tony shrugged. “Not for everyone.” He chewed the bite in his mouth. Nothing better than the taste of bacon while staring at a hot girl. Well, maybe one thing.

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