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Sebastian Morgenstern's Backstory- To be Loved is to be Destroyed

Recently I've started posting snippets of my writing on Instagram (@thatgirlwithbooks), which quite a few of you seem to enjoy. I asked if anyone would be interested in me posting a short story on my blog and you commented yes, so here it is!

This is a short story I actually wrote for school as a creative assignment for intertextuality. It is based on The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare and is basically Sebastian Morgenstern's (One of the TMI's main villains) backstory. 
But because it's an intertextual piece of writing, you can understand (and hopefully enjoy ;p ) this story wether or not you've read The Mortal Instruments. 

With that said, I hope you enjoy! 
Please feel free to leave a comment with any questions, comments or advice you have. Let me know if you want me to post more of my own writing. 
I love hearing your opinions, it's what keeps me motivated and inspired! 

To Be Loved Is To Be Destroyed

It was late and already dark when the little boy heard his father calling him from outside.
‘’Jonathan! Come here.’’
He ran out to meet his father on the stone path leading up to the cottage. Through the night he could barely just make out his father holding a bird on his gloved arm. The admiration in the little boy’s black eyes was clear. All he wanted was his father’s approval and to be one of the best shadowhunters like him.

Of course, every shadowhunter was brave. The half human, half angels, were brought up as warriors. They killed demons and saved humans.
But his father wasn’t just brave; he was fearless. He didn’t just have angel blood; he also had demon blood. His father’s name, Valentine Morgenstern, was a name feared by even the best shadowhunters.

He and his father already looked similar. They had the same demonic black eyes, same strong bone structure, striking cheekbones and hair so pale it almost looked silver now that they were standing in the moonlight.
‘’What is that?’’ Jonathan asked not being able to identify the bird in the dark.
‘’A falcon.’’ His father replied as he threw a dark shape onto the ground in front of him and walked off.
Jonathan grabbed the glove his father had thrown on the ground and hurried after him. Nearly running just to keep up with his strong stride.

As they entered into a small shed, Jonathan reached up to turn on witchlight rune stone. In the stone’s glowing dim light he could now see the bird up close for the first time. He had seen falcons flying high above the trees before. Was always fascinated by their gracefulness and their hunting abilities. But from this close he could see those same sharp talons that captured it’s prey. He could see the sharp beak and the yellow-rimmed menacing eyes. He tried not to shake as he put on the second glove and let his father put  the bird on his arms. It wasn’t as bad as he thought, he could barely feel the birds claws through the glove, but those eyes still sent chills down his spine.

‘’What do I do with it?’’ he asked, determined to keep his voice from shaking.
‘’You are to train it. Make it obedient. Make it strong.’’
Before Jonathan could even ask where he was supposed to leave the bird over night, his father dimmed the witchlight stone and closed the shed door. Leaving the boy alone in the shed with the bird. He told himself over and over again that he didn’t need to be scared of the bird as it was so much smaller than himself, until eventually he believed it. He stayed in the shed all night, watching the bird with tired eyes until he could no longer stay awake, just as he would many more nights to come.

He awoke the next morning when the sunshine spilled over him as the shed door opened. His father stood in the doorway.
‘’What did you do?’’
Jonathan looked around confused as to why his father looked so disappointed in him. The falcon was perched on some boxes filled with old weapons and watched Jonathan with vigilant eyes.
‘’Did you stay here all night?’’ his father asked when he didn’t reply.
Jonathan nodded quickly. Without another word, just a disappointed angry glance, his father left again. Leaving Jonathan alone with his thoughts.

When Valentine’s wife was pregnant with Jonathan he had started experimenting with the mortal cup, one of the shadowhunters three most prized possessions. He injected demon blood into himself, enabling him to conjure and control demons, something that no other shadowhunter could or was ever allowed to do. He gave his wife, Jocelyn, doses of demon blood as well. So that when Jonathan was born he would have demon blood in him. Making him smarter, faster, stronger, better than other shadowhunters in every way.
Of course the shadowhunters didn’t want this to happen. They all wanted to be the best and were just jealous of him, is what his father told him. They followed the Clave, the shadowhunter law, and were all relieved when they thought the  Morgensterns had died when their manor was burnt to the ground. Jonathan despised the other shadowhunters. They claimed to be heroes, yet they were glad when they thought he had died. They stood by the law even if it meant fellow shadowhunters would be hurt or even killed. Either way, he didn’t care if they loved him or not, Jonathan thought, soon it wouldn’t matter anymore. One day I won’t have to hide in this forest cottage anymore. With an army of demons by my side I will rule the world. Anyone who hurt or underestimated me in the past, or tries to stop me in the future will die. I don’t need the shadowhunters. I don’t need anyone. If I can’t move heaven, I’ll raise hell.

His mother had left them when Jonathan was even younger, ran away in the middle of the night. His father had told him that she was crazy, a monster, and Jonathan had no reason not to believe him. Valentine had never lied to him. 
He had told the truth about the other boy he was raising in a different cottage. Also named Jonathan, but often went by the name Jace. Jace wasn’t biologically related to Valentine, yet he raised him like his own. Jonathan saw Jace as his father’s fake son. His competitor in the pursuit of his father’s attention and approval.  He was willing to bet that Jace had also gotten a hunting falcon to train.

The shadowhunters, his mother, his fake brother; he didn’t need them. His father was his only real family. He was the only one that understood him, the only other shadowhunter with demon blood coursing through his veins. And most of all, as Valentine had told him many times before, he was the only person who would ever really love him.
He wouldn’t disappoint his father ever again. He would train the falcon perfectly before Jace even dared to go near his.

With this new resolution Jonathan found a rope in the shed and used it to secure one of the falcon’s legs to a box so it couldn’t escape. He ran into the library, past the kitchen where breakfast was waiting, right into the library where he stayed for hours. Reading and learning about the falcons and how to train them. When he had read all the books on birds he went back to the shed. No longer afraid of the bird he walked right up to it holding a dagger. Fearlessly he blinded the bird and the falcon soon became the first thing he ever had full control over. Soon, he thought, soon I’ll be able to control demons the way my father does. Soon I will show the world what I can do. They will all be sorry.

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