Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Happy (very late) New Years!
I hope you all had fun celebrating with family and friends and that 2015 will be an amazing year for you!

New year, same blog, some changes...
There will be a few changes happening this year, mainly in what I post and BookTube. 

So I made a little list of some of the things that will be different this year:


I'll be uploading weekly videos, starting in February.
Every time a video is uploaded it will be in a post here on the blog. You can see all my videos on the BookTube Page (just scroll up to see all the pages) and of course on YouTube.
Can't wait to start making videos and to share them with you!

Book DIY

I'm going to start posting more of my book related DIYs! 
You can find them:
- In posts on the blog. Along with a tutorial video, step by step instructions, tips and any templates needed
- Instagram: @thatgirlwithbooks @girlwithbooks_blog

Novel Beauty

This is a meme started by the lovely Chyna over on Lite-Rate-Ture.
Every week I will share with you a beautiful book. 

More ''Personal Posts''

Don't worry, this is still a book blog! I'm not making this an online diary or anything weird like that.
When I say ''personal posts'', I just want a little more freedom in what I post.
So less Book Blitz, Blog Tour Stops, and more book DIYs and reviews, ext.

So make sure you subscribe to That Girl With Books on YouTube and stay tuned for exciting posts and DIYs!

Question to you: Are any of you BookTubers? Let me know so I can check out your channel!

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