Monday, 21 July 2014

Radom Things I've Noticed While Working at a Bookstore

So as you can tell from the title: I worked in a bookstore. A secondhand bookstore to be precise. I worked full time for a week as my work experience for school. I thought I'd share with you some random facts/things I've noticed during my time there, because.... well, why not?

1. Crime covers are awesome!
I never realised how much I love them until I spent 3 hours sorting through stacks of them. They're just as dark an mysterious as YA fantasy/dystopia, but you will never see any of those girls posing dramatically in fancy dresses or close-ups of faces. I repeat: No clique covers!

2. People who go to the same store everyday really do exist! They're not just people you read about.
I was amazed by all the different people coming in and my boss seemed to know everyone. He would introduce me to the regulars, even described them as ''characters'', which I thought was pretty great.
These ''characters'' were, as you guessed, mostly elderly, but that only made them and their stories more interesting.
Like the online bookseller who would come in nearly everyday and get 10% off all his purchases. Who went out of his way to find the exact books his customers wanted. He said ''This book has water stains,'' *laughs* ''no, soup stains, so I'm not going to sell it.'' It was great to see people in the book-selling industry who did it for their love of books, not money.
The person who stuck out to me the most was the old woman who smelt like lavender, who treated me as if I was her granddaughter. I was standing at the top of a ladder, calling out author names to her and we got to talking. When I told her I probably want to go into publishing she was really impressed and asked me if I wrote. After my reply of ''Uuuuum, I've tried but uum....'' She simply said: '' Oh you will''. The way she stated it was as if it was a simple fact, and coming from a woman who knows nearly every author published by Penguin classics, she's starting to make me believe her. Motivation comes from strange places.
This bookstore is basically the kind of place they write about in books.

Okay I am aware this just turned into random story time.....
Back to the random facts!

3. Employee discount rocks!
Seriously, if you want to get a job, get it at a book store.
Because this was work experience they didn't pay me, but even if they did it wouldn't have mattered. I spent more than I would've gotten.... oops

4. The irony
Working full day at a bookstore was so much work I didn't have the time or energy to actually sit down and just read.... theres some logic for you.

4. Paaaiiiiiin
I don't know if I've just become weak from sitting around and reading all the time. But my back seriously hurt after two full days working with books.

5. Secondhand bookstores are a lot of work
The list of thing that needed to be don- well there wasn't like an actual physical copy of the list or anything..... but if there was, it would be a mile long.
Where I'm going with this is that if you happen to be looking for a job or a work experience placement, try a secondhand bookstore. They really appreciate the help :)

I hope you all somewhat enjoyed this random post xD Just felt like sharing these experiences

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