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Melissa Landers Author Interview!

Todays Author Interview is with Melissa Landers, author of the Alienated series! Book two, Invaded, is set to be released February 3rd and already has a rating of 4.32 on Goodreads! If you need any convincing to read Alienated just read this review. I love this book so much and I was so excited to get to ask her my, and some of your, questions. Here's what happened:

GWB: When and how did you first become interested sci-fi?

ML: I've always loved science fiction, even during my childhood. In fact, I still have most of my Star Wars action figures and my gold-tone C-3PO carrying case! I played with those toys so much more than my Barbie dolls. 

GWB: How did you come up with the language? Is it based on anything?

ML: No, the L'eihr language isn't based on anything in particular, but it does seem that all my years in French class rubbed off on me, resulting in the L+apostrophe word structure.

GWB: What were some of you favourite scenes/parts to write?

ML: I'm a romance writer, so my favorite scenes are always going to involve kissing and/or making out. My absolute favorite scene to write was Cara and Aelyx's first kiss. That was explosive. 

GWB: I think that was everyone’s favorite scene to read as well xD
Will we get to see L'eihr in Invaded?

ML: Half the sequel is set on L'eihr, so yes.

GWB: Can’t wait! Speaking of sequels.... can you say anything about the possibility of Alienated become a trilogy?

ML: Whether or not the publisher wants a third book is 100% dependent on sales. This is one of the many reasons that illegal downloads upset me so much. If instead of stealing ALIENATED from file sharing sites, people would request that their library order a copy, it would result in *so many* more book sales, and help ensure a third book. The number of stolen copies I've seen makes me sick to my stomach.

The best thing anyone can do to support the series is recommend the book to others, request that your local library order a copy (even if you've already read it), and leave reviews wherever you can. All of that helps! I hope the publisher buys a third book, because Aelyx and Cara's story is far from over.  

GWB: What advice would you give to young, aspiring writers?

ML: Be patient and keep writing. It can take decades to hone your skills.

GWB: And a few questions from your readers:
@ashleymwrites Can you tell us a little about you writing process?
   E.g. Do you start with characters, plot, ext.?

ML: I start by submitting three chapters and a 5 page synopsis to my publisher. If they buy it, then I finish the book. My process is a hybrid between a plotter and a "pantser." I need to know the basics of the plot, but I like to surprise myself with how I get from Point A to Point B.

@chynareads (ig): Which cover do you like better? Invaded or Alienated?

ML: That's easy. My favorite is ALIENATED. It's so much more colorful!

GWB: Thanks again for letting me interview you!

You heard it guys: If we want book three (and I’m telling you, we do), we all have to buy copies, review and recommend this series!
If you haven’t picked up Alienated yet: do it! You won’t regret it.

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