Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Aussie Book-buyers

Todays post if for all my Aussie readers! I don’t know about you, but when I spend money (and let’s face it, things in Australia are pretty expensive) on books, I want to have pretty ones. That means hardbacks, or the beautiful original American cover designs instead of the UK editions.
Now sure, Dymocks sometimes orders books in from America and we can always order from amazon, but who has the patience to wait that long for books?! (not me). So today I thought I’d share my two top tips of places to buy hardback/original cover books for good prices.

Book World
www.bookworld.com is an Aussie company so books take days to deliver instead of weeks. And it has free shipping! Not only do they have original hardbacks and paperbacks, they also sell eBooks. If you need to buy CDs or DVDs you can order those as well.
All books are cheaper there than they are in the stores. If you sign up (for free) and become a ‘’citizen’’ you get another 10% off and you can benefit from massive sales!

Secondhand Bookstores
Since moving to Australia I have seen so many secondhand bookstores. Most of the time, as a book-collector, I want shiny new copies, but I gave them a chance and found some amazing books! Because these books are second hand they are cheaper, but it also means that these books could’ve come from anywhere. I found copies that aren’t even in print anymore and, in a few years, will be collectables.
But my favorite thing about second hand stores is the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by crazy amount of books. I don’t know the color of the walls of some of the stores I’ve been to because the books are stacked from the floor to the celling.

(Just want to make it clear that this isn’t advertisement; I chose to share this with you because I wanted to help.)

So I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful J
If you’ve ever been to any really cool secondhand bookstores let me know where they are!

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